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  Legal Requirements for Marriage in Australia

In preparation for your marriage ceremony you will need to provide me with your Birth Certificate or a certified copy or a certified extract copy or an Australian Passport.  If you were born overseas and do not have a Birth Certificate, a valid Passport is accepted.


If you have been married previously, I will also require your Decree Absolute or Divorce Order and in the case of a deceased spouse, the Death Certificate.

Using the information from your Birth Certificate and/or Passport, I will then prepare a

Notice of Intention to Marry form. We need to do this at least one month and one day, and not more than eighteen months, before your marriage takes place regardless of where you marry in Australia.

On the day of your wedding I will provide all the additional documentation required to formalise your marriage. We will sign these together, along with your two witnesses over the age of 18.

Note: If any documentation is in a language other than English, you will be required to provide translated documents. The translation must be completed by a registered translator.








After the wedding there are still things which can be commonly overlooked like changing your name, or address and updating your wills. You may find the link below useful for help with these tasks. 




















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